2021 Illinois Rental Payment Program – Please visit the application site HERE.

ILRPP is an emergency rental assistance program designed to support households in Illinois that are unable to pay rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will begin accepting applications on May 17.

Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt

Cook County has launched a new initiative, Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt (CCLAHD). CCLAHD helps residents resolve eviction, foreclosure, debt, and tax deed issues. The first program under the initiative, the Early Resolution Program (ERP), launched on November 23, 2020. The ERP provides free legal assistance, counseling, pre-court mediation and case management for residents and landlords dealing with evictions or delinquent property taxes, and creditors and debtors with issues related to consumer debt. Visit online or call (855) 956-5763 to find out more information and get help.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) is working closely with partners at all levels, including hospitals, healthcare providers and community leaders, to develop a flexible and responsive COVID-19 vaccination program that can accommodate different vaccines.

While CCDPH will provide some direct vaccinations, most will be administered by partners, such as hospitals, other healthcare facilities (e.g., clinics, nursing homes) and retail pharmacies with federal contracts. Vaccinations for suburban Cook County will be rolled out in phases, based on national guidance.

CCDPH is encouraging healthcare entities interested in administering the vaccine to their staff, to take the following steps to enroll to receive the vaccine:

  • Register in I-CARE (Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange)
  • Review COVID-19 Provider Requirements on IDPH SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Planning Guide (Section 5)
  • If you can meet the COVID-19 provider requirements, please use the instructions located on the I-CARE website to complete, sign and return the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement and Profile form, electronically through I-CARE.

On January 6, 2021, Cook County held a town hall to answer questions from residents about vaccine distribution on President Preckwinkle’s Facebook page. In case you missed it, you can watch the town hall recording on our YouTube channel. We will hold more town halls over the next few months as we roll out our vaccine distribution plan.

Read President Preckwinkle’s op-ed in the Chicago Tribune about the importance of the vaccine.

Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt Support Available

CCLAHD EnglishCook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt (CCLAHD) is offering free legal help for residents of Cook County who are dealing with evictions, unresolved debt, and difficulty making mortgage or property tax payments. Evictions, foreclosures, and unresolved debt issues can have a long-lasting, negative impact on your future. Call the Early Resolution Program (ERP) to speak with a lawyer and get connected to other resources. This program is available to all residents of Cook County free of charge. You do not need to have a case in court to get help. Call 855-956-5763 or visit COOK COUNTY LEGAL AID ONLINE to learn more.

Residents Can Still Apply for CEDA’s Utility Assistance Program

We are promoting the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc. (CEDA) programs to assist eligible residents of Cook County apply for utility payment relief. These utility programs are open to all residents of Cook County, both City of Chicago and suburbs.

If you or someone you love are in need of support, you can access programs to pay for your utility bills with our partners at CEDA. They offer support through the following programs and on-line applications:

To get ready to apply for gas and electric relief, you will need the following documents:

  • Copy of most recent heat and electric bills if you pay for your home energy directly. (Must provide entire bill)
  • Verbal proof of social security numbers of all household members. Hard copies of Social Security cards are not required at this time. For proof of Social Security or Supplement Security income benefits go to socialsecurity.gov/myaccount for an instant letter.
  • Applicants that have their utilities included in the rent must bring proof of rental agreement stating monthly rental amount, that utilities are included, and landlord contact information. (Rent costs must be greater than 30% of current household 30-day gross income.)